Friday, May 21, 2010

Storm in the Night FIAR Study

Hi! Last week we completed our Five in a Row study on the book The Storm in the night, by Mary Stolz. I was going to start on Peter rabbit, but due to the Rainy season here in Germany, I thought it was a perfect study!

We learned about Clouds, thier names, their shapes, the purpose, the water cycle.. lots of fun!

We did a little craft of gluing "stuffing" to paper in the shapes of the differant clouds.. for their lapbook
I then wrote the definition of each one....

We studied a few storms in the Bible. For This study we used our Rhyme Bible. It's a wonderfully illustrated storybook, for all ages. we loved it!

Along with the study of Jesus Calming the storm, we did a picture craft, and a maze, and JT did a related word search. The craft was a huge hit! Also we listend to the vegie tales song  ( called OVER, OVER) a million times! It is a family favorite. you can listen to it by clicking the above link. (psst don't forget their is the story of Noah, and Jonah too)

Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalm 56:3-4

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?

We did manage to do a lapbook for this study, although it was a bit hard to find things to use for it. There isn't alot out for the actual book, but we had alot of fun, and I just made my own little inserts when needed.

Here are some things we used for our lapbooks and our learning center
My weather book,  Water cycle wheel, Weather Calendar, Weather phrases in German, Seasons weather wheel, Weather prediction rainbow, thunder & lightning, Lightbulb , facial expressions, clouds , Vocabulary words also the 5 senses is great to do as well, but since we covered that earlier this year, i left it out of this study.

This was alot of fun, and a BIG word for the kids "onomatopoeia" but Tigger sings it song on poohs spring movie.. so they just love saying it, Some words from the story were  ping, ping ping, ticktickeytock, bong, bong bong...

During our study, JT learned about facial expression. and how to draw expressions... here is his first attempt. He had a great time with this.

And with KT we studied the word "Profile..." In the story, several of the illustrations show profiles of the charachters,  I had the kids go around the house and try to find anythign that has a profile....
look what they found! minnie, goofy, buster, and we did a fun little search in mommy's magazines for more profiles..
we played a few weather games. This is from Lakeshore learning. Seemed to easy, but they actually loved it!

After we played this game, I asked them to draw a picture of their favorite season, and use the little cards from the game as an idea of what to draw to remind them of that season...  here is Kt's... hers is WINTER.

JT says he loves ALL the seasons, and he can't draw just one!! But he settled for Spring...

We also played a german version of Weather bingo.. one of our favorites.

I got this cute unbrella craft from..yikes! i forget.. ( i will find it)

Do you know when the unbrella was invented? click here- Unbrella Facts

To continue our study of impressionists, and I am always trying to find Famous works of Art to go with our studies..I printed out Van Gogh for our learning center.  I then save them in our ART binder in a sheet protector for them to flip through...

I also looked up online some other paintings related to storms, and Rain, and this is what I found... this was for thier lapbook.
This was a little project we did together, but it was to late in the day and no one wanted to count after they colored!

Here are some go alongs I already had on hand, for our learning Center. these were wonderful!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was their favorite!

These were also some other things we posted in our Learning Center, and each day the kids glued on the weather for teh day...
On my learning center is a beautiful quilt my dear friend Jen made for me before she moved. I love it so! since their is a quilt in the story the boy hides under becuase he was scared, i thought it fitting to use in our learning center. This was also great for KT's Counting time! she loved that.

Also on our learning center was a Lamp. In the story the power is out.. and in the end the lights come back on. I kept this light on during the week, we learned all about the differant Sources of light.  I lit a lighter in our room when it was completely dark, we played with flash lights, etc...
And a little fun in the Rain!

And this conlcludes our study of the Storm in the Night!
some other great resources for this study are :
Living and learning ( blog) Study of storm in the night she had some great resource links check it out!
A mother's journal (blog) study of the storm in the night
Send in the clouds

Jt caught his first butterfly today! He is so excited!

I decided to add my growing collection of simple reading books for JT to encourage him in his reading. He was soooo amazed when I told him HE could read ALL these books... So, for now they are there for him to pick up when he likes..

Next week we plan to start the Tale of Peter rabbit! mommy's excited! been planning on this one a while! ..

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Laurie said...

I love this post! Lots of good learning going on here. :) I think we may follow you and do "Storm in the Night" next. We have been out of our routine for so long here, I was not sure where we would start back. That book just seems to fit the season- plus, I love your lapbook. And I love the art tie in.

Anonymous said...

I have been planning SitN for a while now. Tis the season. :) We get lots of tornadoes and we are in hurricane ally so I REALLY like your addition of the DLTK extras to go with the Bible stories. Not only will dd have fun doing these projects, but they should give her comfort knowing that Jesus is always with us. I also know know that she will love the cloud project with the stuffing.

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