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Madeline FIAR Study

We finally finished our Five in a Row study of Madaline by Ludwig Bemelmens the last 2 weeks.


We went to paris for Kt's 4th birthday to Disneyland and our last vacation with daddy. So I planned this study around our trip. This was yet another favorite for the kids! Even though Madaline is about a girl, JT still enjoyed it. Alot!!!  His favorite was the study of the eiffel tower, and france itself.  Check out my little man, and his maps! =) He loves checking out the maps!


While in paris ( I would capitalize paris, but every time i hit caps and the letter p it opens up a playlist on our computer grrrrrr) we had a great time visiting the eiffel tower. As an extra blessing, papa and grandma also came with us.
 Jt and papa were going to go up the tower, but the line was to long.  So we walked under it, and checked it out.. we even picked up a book in english on it while at the Louvre. Jt loved that!



Here are some pictures from Kt's special day!



Here is a BIG moment we have been waiting for! She is officially tall enough for Big Thunder Mountain AND Star Tours! We were able to all ride the same rides TOGETHER for the first time!




 After Kt's birthday, we went to the Louvre museum the next day. Daddy and I had been before, and we weren't sure how the kinders would do on this visit, since they were worn out from the day before... but we went anyways, and took it easy.
We asked the kids if they wanted to see the Mona Lisa, OR the Sphynx and some Mummies... we only had a few hours... Justice says "I have already seen alot of pictures of Mona, lets' go see the mummies." So we did.  


Also while daddy and Jt walked around with the headphones, Kt and I played "I spy" with the pictures in stone.. and that was alot of fun for her! We counted the fish, boats, etc.. It kept her occupied..=)



They had the best time at the Louvre, and we even got little buddy here a book about the Louvre for kids...


I think the next time we go back, it's going to be so much more fun. The kinders are officially Museum ready! =)


Here is Kt and Jt outside the Louvre, playing by the fountains...


You can't go to Paris without a carousel ride...


I can actually say " I love Paris in the springtime..." It's so beautiful...

The kinders also got to experience the Metro for the first time. That was very exciting, and fast paced for these guys.. Jt was a pro by the end of the trip! It's always crowded, and with the group of us (6) at one time I panicked and screamed for kyree, only to see she was in the stroller I was pushing. =) I scared myself to death!! =) phew! I thought she was walking , and I forgot we even had the stroller! =) 


Okay, so that was our Field trip... now onto the Madaline  part!

Here is the Madaline learning Center :.


I included, what I had on hand, and bought the little Eiffel tower in France. I printed out a map, and we borrowed several books on France from the library, and I displayed some flowers, and our Madeline doll and a mind bender puzzle of the Eiffel tower, and a build your own Eiffel tower 3-d puzzle ( also from France) . I also included our other Madeline books, and of the Louvre and Eiffel tower that we bought.  And also not in this picture, but a Claude Monet picture of the Water lilies, that we studied all week as well.   I really wanted a French flag, and just couldn't locate one in such a short time frame that I had to prepare.

During our visit to France, we also went took a city boat tour down the Seine River. So I made this page for their lap books..



We used the book ART treasury and the kinders learned about Claude Monet and made a great craft!




I also have a book in Monet's garden. I put on our display table, and this was a wonderful book. Someday we can really visit his garden. 


I have collected several pictures of Monet's work, and found them and pulled them out this week too. I think we will continue studying him the next few weeks..


Along with learning about impressionists, I borrowed Katie and the impressionists from the library. This was an excellent series. We all enjoyed it. 


Here we took some time to talk about the sign in the hospital that said Visitors from 2-4. With Kt we located the numbers on the clock, and talked about that a bit, and with JT already telling time, he drew his own clock, and we did some more time telling problems...



We also made little Madeline puppets from here. These were alot of fun, and they are still playing with them!


While researching some printouts for this book, I wasn't able to find very much.. I decided to focus on the letter M with Kt, and also made my own print outs for it.


So the other day it was hot outside, we went and picked dandelions and made the letter M shapes, so fun! Jt said it reminds him of Madeline's hat! So I guess that worked out! I then filled up a bucked and we used the dandelions as lily pads for their toy frogs.

Since part of the suggestion of the study is to learn about the human body, since Madeline's appendix was removed, and we had already covered unit study earlier this year on that, We focused on having Compassion (Madeline's friends brought her flowers)


Since the ambulance picked her up, we focused on the Red Cross symbol, and what do in emergency. We loved the compassion part. It was a great addition to our lap booking too.  I did finally locate a a diagram that shows the appendix, since the kids wanted to "see" it. 


We also spent alot of time on symmetry.  These were from Enchanted learning.


Kt did a little craft of making her own Madeline hat!

I found a great Activity book at the thrift store this past week ( Thank you Lord for even the smallest blessings!!!!). I copied the pages out for the kinders to do, and the book opens up with a re-usable Madeline stickers! This provided a good few hours between the two.

This was a great puzzle I also picked up in Paris. It was alot of fun for JT!


Grandma got this cool 3-D puzzle for us!


Here are their Lap books





I made this little folder for our Monet study


Jt practiced drawing Madaline...

not to shabby!




Some books we added to the study were:



We also added the other Madeline books, Madeline and the Gypsies, Madeline's Rescue, etc..
Some additional resources to add on to this study is the Madaline Board game from Amazon, also the Madaline paper dolls, and the activity book

And this concludes Madeline!

On our last trip to the library, the kids were soooo excited to find little kinder chairs! Look at my yahoo's making themselves at home.. =)



There Favorite books this week....


And remember that piece I picked up junking?


It's my new Art/Craft shelf!  Still working on bins and filling it up, but I love it! It's so bright and inviting! And just the kinders height to get what they need.


Most all of the lapbook stuff was from and the France map was from homeschool creations.

Here are the books used for ART

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Michelle Gibson said...

How cool that you got to go to Paris for this row! I loved seeing all that you did ~ my little girl is excited to row this book. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this ~ can't wait to check out some of your other rows! :-)

Shelley said...

I hope you get this comment. I LOVE the clock your daughter is using. Could you please tell me where it is from?

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