Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Beautiful Summer....2010

Hi! Thank you for visiting me, and my family this summer! I know everyone is so busy doing all kinds of fun things, and getting ready for the upcoming school year... So I really appreciate you stopping by to visit us.  We too, have been doing some fun things the past month.  As I was collecting my pictures, I realized we have done quit a bit, and so this post is going to be photos... photos for our friends, and family, that I haven't had a chance to keep up with on a regular basis..(sorry.. HUGS!) I am still alive! I will be getting back to my weekly blogging soon.. I have lots of things to I would like to post on.... School room re-do, planning, Five in a row schedule etc... Daddy is doing good, we are hitting our 3 MONTH mark this week!!!!  And we just celebrated our 9 year anniversary.... yeah! He is workin' hard, and missin the fam.
He sends us postcards every single day! The kids love getting them.. I posted a bulliten board outside their door to their room, that they put them on. A great blessing for them! 

But for now, Here are my sweeties enjoying their summer!

.......where is Daddy anyway?? =)

super fun present from daddy! New Dvd player! life saver in our travels for sure...

strawberry picking

yummy! we also made jam! super good!

.??..well at least she got up and made her own breakfast....

a little fledgling came to see us for a few days.. this was so much fun! we watched him trying to learn to fly, he slept here most of the day, his parents brought him food and put it in his mouth, so fun!

new baby pony born across the way.. this was BIG news!

JT in Sunday school.... They have an incredible summer lesson going...

he loves it!


biking adventure.....

Field of Poppies
they flipped when we saw this field... becuase we had been learning about Monet's Field of poppies.

Dinosaur Museum Trip

They had so much fun here, we are definatly going back!
he is so funny with his headphones, just like his dad!

This museum has more than Dinos...

can you imagine seeing THAT on the beach? see JT in the bottom corner?

'World's Largest Flower!

We went with some friends of ours, it was so fun! at the end we gave them a Junior paleontologist certificate!

End of that day....

playing Dinos in water..

Rose Garten Day trip in Zweibrucken

how can you not take a million photos of girls in a setting like this?

they have an adorable gift shop too!

Summer's #1 kid's movie... Toy Story 3!

Here's all the kids before we went in.

Koln Zoo adventure day. This is incredible Hippo exhibit!

They also have a wonderful monkey habitat as well.

I even got to bring one home!

Up to Holland,

We FINALLY got to visit the Noah's Ark! IT was perfect.

I was really impressed with all the information there was in the Ark, very cool. and in many diff languages.

They had a special area of other bible stories, with little videos telling each story, and some "this is what it might have looked like" exhibits for each story.. very cool. JT was thrilled to see Joseph's coat, since he has been learning about him in Sunday school....


Isn't that just amazing?

Gramma and kids!

The beautiful Holland Beach

They had so much fun!

our little 4th display

crafting... bird houses

MANY pool days! we had a streak of hot weather, and well... we spent a few full days there!

These guys are just so cute! and so BIG now.

"take this one for daddy" she said.....


Jt hates getting his hair cut!

This past week we did VBS- High Seas at church. I helped, so we were all there together. They had teh BEST time, And I loved seeing them have so much fun.

water games..... JT caught having fun... again!


Last day....booo

GQ... look at girlies... he is a cutie this one!

I catch her like this all the time..... always with a book in hand... asleep

Thanks so much for visiting! IF any of you local gals would like more detailed information on the Dino museum, or Noahs ark etc... just send me a note!! Have a wonderful week,


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