Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Adventures & Adventure Boxes

Busy!~ that about sums up the last few weeks! =)
I have so much I want to blog about.. lots of outings, fun family days... I feel each thing deserves it's own post! So, in the next few days, There will be a few extra notes I would love to share with you~

For now, here are the Summer Adventure Boxes I put together for the kinders this week.  If you don't know what Adventure Boxes are Click here and scroll to bottom of the post .

So, I asked my kids what they would like to learn about this summer, and JT chose Dinos, KT chose Ocean life, and They both Chose Birds and Egypt... Here is what I put together for them..Egypt will have to wait.. =)

I would have loved to put some cool paper on the outside of these and really decorate these ( FREE) boxes, like here and here AND here ; but maybe next year.. getting these together was challenge enough! -=)

All of these items  for our boxes I have around the house, I just gathered them up, and pulled out a few things I have had in my stash, and put it together! All these things came from yard sales too! (thanks Jesus!)
Things I included for JT's Summer Adventure are:

  • Rub on stickers

  • slimy dino goo

  • grow a dino pack

  • dino sticker book (bought for dino museum tour)

  • how to draw dinos book & pencils

  • dinosaurs - to play with

  • Sand pit for dinos -

  • I can read Dino books

  • Search and Find dino book

  • and TONS of books on Dinosaurs, I found we have about 25 yikes!

  • Glow in the dark build your own dinosaur

  • dinosaur fossil digging adventure

  • dinosaur puzzles ( i just tossed these in a ziplock bag for space)

This Usborne Dino Kit - Rocked! It took TWO boys a good hour or more to get this apart! It was so much fun for them! (6 and 7 year old) It made my son and his New friend Mr G. ( blessing!) have a great time!

Here, I added some food coloring to the water and some garden rocks. This lasted hours!

Birds: Things I included for their  Summer Adventure are

  • How to draw birds

  • Ranger Rick magazines on birds (super yard sale find)

  • scramble North american bird puzzle

  • 2 wooden birds

  • 2 bird houses & paint ( local craft shop)

  • binnoculars ( not shown, )

  • bird watch list (not shown)

  • 2 bird whistlers (not shown)

  • bird bingo (not shown, but ordered!)

  • birds of brittain and Europe book ( not shown, but ordered!)

  • container for bird feathers they find
    (that' it! i just don't have alot on birds this year.. =)
    **check out this amazing bird adventure box i just came upon

All about the Ocean Adventure box
Things I included for KT's Summer Adventure are

  • What lives in a Shell - book

  • Large shell (yard sale )

  • Beachy scrapbook for her (yard sale)

  • Ocean coloring book

  • Large bag of assorted sea shells

  • Ocean life preschool book (very excited about this!)

  • blue sand to play with shells in (local craft shop)

  • Large Coral ( yard sale find, great for touching!)

  • little dolphins for counting

  • assorted small shells for counting

  • The berenstain Bears Seashore Treasure

  • Usborne Fishies

  • Why are there Waves?  book

  • TONS of books on Ocean creatures!
This will be half on display on haf in a box for her to take out... Since the shells will need a nice place to "rest"

I always try to add in a Field trip if possible for more hands on learning, and this past weekend we were able to spend a few hours at the beach in Holland... Here she is ... loving the Ocean!

I am going to use those workboxes for these too! I decided my children have to ask me to get into the boxes, some things are for independant learning, and others they will need my help.. But I want it to be a special time for them, and ration it out so they don't "finish" it by next week! =) I think the workboxes would be great for that, great to cover reading  with all the books I have collected...

Next year, I will plan further ahead, and keep collecting during the year from yard sales and tossing into my "special" bins! This has made it affordable, and such a blessing for the children this year! Praise God for it all!

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Cool! I think I like the Oceania summer adventure box. Gab will surely like this one too. Thanks for sharing!

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What a great idea! Thank you so much.

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Dhairya said...

WOW!!! I think you guys had great enjoyed.It's great idea to enjoy vaction with family.Thanks for posting.


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