Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Bucket List Series: Origami Party

We Just had the MOST fun Party Yesturday!!!
What do you do on a summer day when it's RAINY ?
Have an Origami DAY!

 I am so thankful for such wonderful friends... They totally make these get togethers so much more fun!

As part of our Summer Bucket List with our friends; we had a great day of paper crafting.

I layed out wrapping paper on the table for decoration, and hung origami paper on string around the room.... They made perfect banners....

On the buffet I set up an origami display of all the projects we were going to learn.
 I also used a japanese fabric cloth, a japanese tea set, kokeshi doll, and a japanese lady doll for our centerpiece. 

We talked about the japanese word ORIGAMI and it's defintion ( Ori- folding Gami- Paper).

I printed and laminated the Japanese flag for our table as well.

All the supplies needed were various sheets of origami paper, and some glue and scissors!

I printed and laminated the directions for many of the designs and hole punched the corner, tied with a ribbon. This way it was easy for me when I was giving instructions...

And I know my kinders were going to be doing these over and over the next few days! =)

Some were very easy! Some were time consuming.. GREAT for ALL ages!

Tutorials we used :

Heart Tutorial

Educational Benefits for Children
Read about the educational benifits for children from the  Origami Resource Center  click the link to read the full article. a few great articles here : Origami Benefits 
theragami  method is based on the use of Origami to achieve vital academic, cognitive and therapeutic objectives.

We made paper airplanes too of course!

Then we went outside to race them!

They raced to see who's went the farthest, the slowest, crashed first etc...

Time for snacks!!!

I made some origami drinking cups out of 6 inch paper, and filled them with marshmellows.
To keep them from tipping over, I stacked them in a large empty egg crate. 

The families pitched in and brought snacks, and it was great!

When the kinders were all done, they need away to take home their creations~ PAPER BAGS! This whole event was paper! I then laminated little Japanese flags and taped them to each bag. The kids can then take it home and place it somwhere so they can remember to keep Japan in their prayers.

Label with their names.

The kids had SO much FUN!

And don't forget to decorate with pinwheels!

For the littles I set out our Tangram bin...

And for younger children that aren't quite ready to do full Origami, I printed out this adorable Dog and also a few Kokeshi Doll cut out printables

Origami Party Cost:

Each child that participated paid $3 for supplies. The families brought a snack to share.
pinwheels $4
wrapping paper for tables 80 cents
origami paper $3 for decorating with
egg carton- free
marshmellows $1.50 bag
paper lunch bags .99 cents

Cost to the hostess under $10!!!!

Very affordable fun rainy day!

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Unknown said...

Adorable! What great fun and amazingly well planned! I would love it if you would link this up to It's Playtime today!

Play for Life said...

Looks like you guys had loads of FUN! I really love that 16 point star. Think I'll have to try that one for myself!
Donna :) :)

Kelly said...

So cute! Thanks for the idea!

MT said...

You are the best Mom in the world! I love you!

Kelly B said...

So impressed with this party. All the colour/activities/food. Looks like so much fun!!

michelle said...

This is... colorful, fun, frugal. AWESOME! Love it!

RedTedArt said...

Oooh what a great collection of Oragami crafts! Love them all!

Thank you for linking to Kids Get Crafty. Lovely to see you there!


Melissa Taylor said...

wish I was there -- what a fun idea!!

tricia said...

Love your origami party! We threw one last year- and found that it was a great way to supply a party in many ways at low cost while providing great activities! Ours is here: your party because someone is planning an origami party and pinned my party to their board- and I saw yours! Ha! Love. :)

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