Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Everyone has them. The bucket list, Summer fun Jar, Adventure Boxes... There is SO much in computer land on summer family fun ideas. We want to do them all!

I am sure you have seen many lists put together and already have yours (if you don't try this summer calander... ) but  I wanted to take a minute and share our Summer Bucket List!

Several homeschool friends and I decided to make a list of all the things we wanted to do TOGETHER this summer with the kids. Otherwise the time would pass us by, and it would never happen. We wrote it on the calander! This way we can all pitch in to make the event special for the kinders and it won't cost hardly anything and sometimes it's FREE!!!

We decided every 2nd Friday we would plan one of those fun things to do. Do you have family friends you would like to do something fun with this summer? It's a great way to follow through with your summer plans, and make the day extra special with friendship.

Our Summer bucket List (with friends)
  • Tea Party
  • Origami Craft day
  • Baseball fun day
  • Cardboard box challange day
  • Camping in the backyard adventure
  • Trip to the beach
  • Rock digging adventure
  • Hot air balloon show
Since these are every other Friday, here is my personal List of Fun for this summer with the kinders (daddy is still away)

  • strawberry picking
  • swimming pool days
  • Indian history festival
  • visit alpacan Farm
  • photo day at the Poppy field
  • make fun summer snacks
  • movie nights
  • practice sewing
  • VBS
  • play board games outside
  • icecream for lunch
  • ice treasure hunt
  • make boats to float down the lake
  • read
  • have a picnic
  • pets in a jar
As we go through our list I will share!
 Summer Bucket list #1 TEA PARTY!

Stay tuned......

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MT said...

Looks like an awesome summer! Wish I was there to play to!

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