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2011-2012 Curriculum

I am so excited to share our School plans for this year!
It's always hard for me to sit down and pull this together, And This year I am joining the "Not back to school blog hop Curriculum week."  That helped motivate me to get this all pulled together.  =)

I made this post full with photos of .... well; curriculum. =) I love to see what other families are using, and sometimes a view of the curriculum makes it more fun to read! =) So here goes....

We plan to start School the last week of August.

JT- Starting 2nd Grade this year! WOW!

We are going to continue using FIVE IN A ROW as our Core curriculum this year ( History Geogprahy, Science, Art)  To read about how we use FIAR click here 

We love love love it!


Last year, we ended up not using a formal math program as planned... And so this will be the first year of doing so. We do tons of living math... So this season we are starting with Beta by Math U See.

We will have a few additional Math fun during the year.

The Jingle in my Pocket
Sound money principles kids can bank on

Handwriting and Language etc:

Continuing on with Explode the Code series. We love it!

For handwriting, we will continue on with the Handwriting without tears program and also starting Cursive.

Pictures in Cursive by Queen homeschool

We will also continue on with First Language Lessons part 2  for the well trained mind.

I am going to introduce copywork this season , and will use a few of Queen homeschool's books.

Copywork for Little Boys by Queen homeschool

Along with our spelling list from FIAR I have decided to add
(why is there a girl on the cover? i don't know.. =)

                                            Bible time & character Training:

I am excited about our Bible & Character training time!  Along with our Bible reading , I have put together a few other resources we will use during the year.

We will begin  reading  Missionary stories with the millers this year. We have the whole series now. yeah!

                                                                 Hymns for a Kids Heart with Cd

Product Description

"My mouth is filled with your praise, and with your glory all the day."
- Psalm 71:8 (ESV)

In this book, Joni Eareckson Tada and Bobbie Wolgemuth collaborate to help you teach twelve classic hymns to the children you love. With richly orchestrated music, true stories, prayers, and Scripture, Hymns for a Kid's Heart will feed your child's soul.

Right Choices. He incorporates a solid biblical foundation and illustrations to help young children discern what God says is right and wrong. Each of the 26 spreads begins with a poem and includes pictures, Bible verses, prayers, and text discussing one topic. “Wrong” topics include lying, cheating, stealing, fighting, and making fun of others. “Right” topics teach children to honor their parents, talk to God often, be patient, keep promises, and read and obey the Bible.


Last year we used a great program on the Study of God's Armor. This year we are going to continue that study with a more serious study....

This once-a-week curriculum gently leads young boys in the area of responsibility. Duties such as making beds, cleaning up after themselves, hygiene, family relationships, and much more are covered in segments. Level 1 is for age 6 and up.

KT- Kindergarten : YEAH!!!

Kt has been hanging on strong with usin FIAR  throughout last year very well. She is 5 now, but clearly ready for more advanced schooling this year. The only things she needs to work on at kindergarten level really is her reading and some continuing handwriting. The rest we are moving on at a higher level.

Her work will continue on with JT in FIAR and all of the Bible/Character Time. Below are some of her own things she will be working on aside from her brother.

We used hooked on phonics last year, and we enjoyed it. But the book below was recommended by Heather at Blog she wrote, and I want to give it a try! It looks great!


                                                    Reading Made easy. By Valerie Brendt and student book

Along with all the other read alouds we will be doing together with JT from our home library; here are some others I picked out for her:

                                                                   Extra read aloud fun
                                                                    Kindergarten Gems

A great series by Gary bower ...... This is one Tessa's Treasures a "thinking of others" book:


She will continue with My first printing book with HWOT, and will also start cursive along with her brother. She really wants to do it! =) 

                                                   Pictures in Cursive by Queen homeschool

Explode the Code Series

I didn't want to do formal math yet with Kt, but continue doing living math ... but I saw this and this is right up our alley!

                                       Math lessons for a living education by queen homeschool

Kt will join us for most of our Bible/character building time.
But here is one for her to do with mama.

Read Alouds

Last year I made a list of books to read aloud. I looked through several reading lists ( sonlight etc) , and other recomendations to gather up my titles.
While we enjoyed many of them, I also found that we picked up titles as we went along (from the library, yard sales, our shelves etc) even when they weren't on the list.
 Then I felt like I was behind because we weren't crossing off the "list"... =) So, this year, I have a list of Titles, and I am not going to worry to much if we don't get them all done! I will just move the unfinished ones over to the next list =)

One thing we do, is read alot in our family.
Both the kinders do well listening to chapter books. Sometimes we can finish them in a a day or two... So we will continue on together for a daily reading time taking it easy.

 So here are a few of our titles on this years List:

The unbrella Story :by Lisa Raub illustrated by Yuriy Yeremenko


                                                         Katie Series by James Mayhew


Along with our FIAR Art studies, The kids love to draw. So we will focus on drawing with

                                      Kinders will continue in the fall to do Martial Arts
                                                homeschool - Co-op and Field trips,

                     Things we plan on , and are praying about: Piano for JT and Gymnastics for KT & German class....

We love to stay home, and I dont want to over plan. Daddy is coming to visit (from Korea for his R&R) in Sept for  a month, and we will be traveling and hopefully moving to a new house...  I think maybe we can hold off on Piano and other things that require extra time till Daddy is home for good in January. We adopted a dog from korea, and he will bring him home in Sept. So I know that I will have my hands quite full, Being a single mama isn't the easiest in the winter either.... So For now these things are on the prayer list. =)

Thank you for always visiting! Have a wonderful week!

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MT said...

Looks like a great year! Can't wait to start it!!! -- MT

Tiffany said...

Hi! I am so thankful I stumbled across your blog from the blog hop - there are so many links up that I've just been picking them at random tonight. I have a kindergartner & a 3 year old that will be starting FIAR this year. I'm hoping that we love it. I'm going to have to go back through your archives & get some ideas. I also loved all of the resources you linked to - there was a lot here that I had never heard of before that I want to check out. Very helpful post!!

Samantha said...

We'll be using FIAR this year too for my 6yr old, 4yr old, and almost 3yr old. This will be our first year using it but I'm super excited about it. Glad I found your blog through the Not back to school hop and hope you have a great school year!

Anonymous said...

. . . your blog & all your FABULOUS curriculum choices! You are doing such an amazing job!!

--Tiffany from

Unknown said...

WOW! I am so blessed to have stumbled upon your blog! Thanks for all the info. You ARE doing a great job. God Bless all us homeschool mama's!

KP said...

Hello, I would love the downloads if you still have them :)

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